Real Money Games

Scientific findings suggest that for as long as there have been games, humans have been betting on them. Needless to say, a lot has changed since the ancient times when nomadic tribes threw marked bones onto the ground and wagered food on the outcome. Today’s games have become increasingly complex and more readily available around the world.

Betting Site

Gaming websites have gone a long ways in helping more people become acquainted with various gambling formats. There are websites today that specialize in just about every type of gaming imaginable. This includes everything from games of skill to games of pure luck. There are even places now where people can play classic games like chess and backgammon for real money stakes.

This whole section is devoted to betting on real money games of all types.  All types are listed. Our aim is to provide you with all the inside information related to online gaming sites: which ones are safe, where they can be found, how they work and more.

Casino Games

The games that are most closely associated with betting are casino games. Many games fall into this category, but a few recognizable examples include blackjack, craps and roulette. There are actually many more games than these, but fear not; we cover every variation out there in great detail. The casino games that are covered here include all the following:

Slots – Slots have a sort of mixed reputation in the betting world. On one hand, they are commonly known as “one-armed bandits” due to their propensity to burn through quarters at about the speed of light. On the other hand, slot machines are recognized for being endlessly fun and for offering potentially massive progressive jackpots.  Most gambling sites offer huge selection of slots games in all different styles, including traditional reel machines and modern day video slots. Online slots have proven to be just as popular as their live cousins in Vegas.

We know of several players who have won seven figure jackpots playing slots games online.

Baccarat – Online baccarat is a great casino game that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. First of all, baccarat has one of the lowest house advantages.  Bets on the banker are as close to even money as you can get.  Secondly, online baccarat is much more available to the average Joe.

Land-based casinos typically only offer baccarat in the high roller area because the action moves slowly and has a low house advantage. Casino websites do not have to worry about that because their baccarat tables take up no room and move at the pace of the player.

Blackjack – Blackjack may very well be the king of all casino games. Craps might attract the suave gamblers, roulette might epitomize gambling, but nothing says “Welcome to Las Vegas” like blackjack does. Every gambling website we’ve ever visited offers at least one blackjack table. In most cases, you’ll find multiple varieties at a wide range of stakes.  Blackjack has been the most popular casino table game for a long time now. Much of that popularity has to do with its reputation as being a “beatable” casino game. This is one of the few tables in the casino in which the decisions you make can actually affect the house advantage. On top of that, the basic rules of blackjack are easy for even the newest players.

Roulette – Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games of all time.  Countless movie scenes and books have used roulette to represent putting everything on the line and letting fate decide the rest.  Online casino sites obviously understand the age-old attraction of roulette and are therefore happy to provide real money forms of it.  Online roulette can be played for as little as $1.00 per spin of the wheel. This is significantly lower than the stakes offered at brick and mortar establishments. If you really want to get your blood pumping, you can wager as much as $500 a spin at some roulette sites. We also know that some are willing to negotiate with you if you need stakes even higher than that.

Craps – Craps has a bit of a reputation as an overly complicated game.  With the sheer number of betting options that are available, it’s understandable why so many people get this impression.  The good news is that craps is actually pretty simple once you get down to it.  Our craps guide will have you looking like the most suave craps pro in no time.  Speaking of which, craps also has a reputation as being a game for the rich and beautiful.  This is the table where you might find some well-dressed gentleman flanked by two women who take turns blowing on the dice before he throws them down the table.  Check out our craps page if you want to be just as smooth as that guy.

Caribbean Stud – Caribbean Stud is relatively young compared to most table games, with a history that only dates back to the 1980s.  The exact origins of Caribbean Stud are unknown, but it is believed to have actually originated somewhere in the Caribbean.   Online versions are alive and well with a large fan base. We have found entire websites dedicated to this one game. Much of the appeal is probably due to its simple rules and the sense of control it gives the player. It also doesn’t hurt that most Caribbean Stud sites attach large progressive jackpots to their tables.

Let It Ride – Let It Ride is popular thanks to its rules that let you decide whether you want to keep your bets on the table or let them ride after you have seen some of the cards.  This gives the player more control over the outcome and makes it a good game to play if you like to use strategy to minimize the house advantage.  Some sites may also refer to it as “Let Them Ride” but it’s all the same.  The reason this second name is used sometimes is due to some sort of copyright dispute. Whatever it’s called, though, it’s an enjoyable game that is always worth a look. Many Let It Ride sites provide progressive jackpots for this game as well.

Video Poker – Video poker has been big since about the 1980s. The first video poker machines got off to a slow start, but they slowly developed a following of loyal players. Early video poker enthusiasts were able to develop a strategy that completely eliminated the house advantage. Word of this spread and interest in video poker spread rapidly.  It’s hard to find video poker games today in which the house advantage can be eliminated entirely, but the game is still firmly entrenched in the casino world.  Online versions are especially popular today because it involves in-depth strategy, has a low house advantage and moves at a quick pace. It also doesn’t hurt that online video poker games usually come with large potential jackpots.

Pai Gow Poker – In a slight twist, Pai Gow Poker is a game that allows the player to create two separate poker hands. Each of those hands competes separately against the dealer. This is a nice change of pace because it results in players rarely losing outright. If you are playing with a limited bankroll, Pai Gow Poker is a great option.  Gambling sites provide real money Pai Gow Poker tables at a wide variety of stakes.  Players can wager as little as $1.00 a hand or as much as several hundred dollars a hand. Make sure you learn how to set your cards correctly, though. Get it wrong and you might miss out on a winning hand.

3 Card Poker – 3 Card Poker is a fun option that is basically two games in one. In the main game, you compete against the dealer to see who can end up with the best three card poker hand (hence the name).  If you beat the dealer, you’ll receive a payout of anywhere from 1:1 to 5:1.  In the secondary game, you place a separate wager but do not compete against the dealer or anyone else.  Instead, you are paid if your final hand is strong enough to warrant a payout.  Payouts in the secondary game range from 1:1 to 40:1.  There are two things in particular that we like about 3 Card Poker. First of all, it’s easy to play for a long time on a limited bankroll thanks to all the ties with the dealer.  Secondly, the rules make it very possible to win a lot of money within a short amount of time.

Keno – Keno is a lottery-style game that is based entirely on luck.  Some people find it boring, others find it wildly exciting. What makes keno so attractive is the possibility of hitting massive jackpots.  Guess enough numbers correctly and you will be in for the payday of a lifetime.  You can also receive smaller payouts if you only guess some of the numbers correctly.  A secondary advantage to keno is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to play.  A single dollar is all it takes to get a keno card and try your luck. Despite the low cost of playing, the payouts are absolutely massive.  However, this advantage is offset by a relatively high house advantage.

Sic Bo – Sic Bo can roughly be described as the Asian version of craps.  In this game, you can place various wagers on the outcome of three dice.  It’s a fairly simple game but it has a ton of betting options.  Many players enjoy this game because it provides flexibility.  For example, you can place high risk, high payout wagers, low risk, low payout wagers and everything in between.  Also like craps, Sic Bo looks more complicated than it really is.  The vast array of options plus the liberal use of Asian symbols that decorate the game make it look a lot more exotic than it is. Not all sites offer this game, but we have found that most do.

Bingo – Bingo is a classic game that has been played by for decades. The game is easy to learn, easy to play and it offers an exciting experience to all who play it. The social aspect of bingo goes a long ways in making this a friendly game for all who play it.

The whole concept of online bingo is still relatively new but interest is steadily growing. As more people become acquainted with the idea of playing online, we are seeing more signups at bingo sites and growing jackpots. Some of the largest bingo websites are giving away massive jackpots to their players.

Card Games

Most card games are betting friendly.  The most obvious example, poker, is practically synonymous with wagering.  Some of these card games could also be classified as casino games (and vice versa), but we are organizing these variations according to how much interaction players have with the cards.

The most popular card games include the following:

Poker – Poker is a massively popular card game that is played on the internet by millions of people around the world. Much of poker’s appeal is based on its deep strategic aspects that keep the game endlessly challenging and exciting. As one delves deeper and deeper into poker, new layers of strategy are unfolded like the layers of an onion.

Online poker can be played for real money at an incredibly wide range of stakes. At the lowest levels, casual players can log on and wager a few pennies at a time. From there, the stakes go all the way up to levels in which players buy in for a hundred thousand dollars at a time. With the right strategy, there is some very good money to be made playing online poker.

Rummy – Rummy is a strategic card game that can be compared to poker in the fact that skill plays a major role in the outcome of the game. In fact, many of today’s top poker players got started with rummy. The rules of rummy are a little more complex than your typical gambling game, but that’s a part of what makes playing rummy online so engaging.

Rummy sites bring players together from around the world and let them play for money against one another.  All you need to get started is a connection to the internet and a little free time.

Spades – Spades is yet another strategic card game in which skill plays a major part in determining the outcome. Unlike many real money card games, spades places a heavy emphasis on teamwork. The teamwork aspect is quite unique because although you must work with your partner to win the game, you aren’t allowed to talk to your partner. You just have to keep an eye on each other’s cards and try to interpret each play your partner makes.

The internet is quickly becoming a popular place for people to meet up and play. Online spades sites work especially well for people who don’t have many friends who know how to play. Any time you feel like testing your spades skills, you can now turn on the computer and find people to play with in minutes.

Betting sites mostly tend to stick with poker card games for now. We have found a few that offer rummy and spades, but not very many. Poker, on the other hand, is incredibly popular and there are hundreds of poker sites out there that facilitate real money games.

Online Table Games

Table Games – the actual term “Table games” is just another term for casino games that are played at a table. From the above list, games such as blackjack, baccarat and Caribbean Stud can all be classified as table games. The legal definition of table games is actually quite specific due to various US gaming laws.

Some US states allow land based casinos with table games, other states do not and so on.  Online betting sites are so far advanced many now offer “live dealer” games using webcams and attractive female dealers to entice you to play, many feel it’s the future of online gambling in general.

Chance Games

Games Of Chance – Almost every game in the world involves chance to some degree. The only differing example that comes to mind is chess.  Every other game involves chance or “luck”, limited information and strategy that revolves around making the best possible decision given the information available.  Most games that are played for real money can be classified as a chance game.

Interestingly, not all “chance games” are based entirely on luck.  For example, poker can be considered a game of chance because it involves the random luck of the draw. However, poker has also been proven to be primarily based on skill. That’s why you see the same pros cashing in big tournaments year after year.

Skill Games

Games Of Skill – Any game in which the outcome is based on skill more than luck can be considered a skill game.  A few examples of skill based games include poker, chess, baccarat, dominoes, and backgammon.  Some skill games are also classified as games of chance depending on who you ask.  Poker games are often argued one way or another, although most generally agree it’s a game of skill overall with elements of luck that winning players are capable of factoring in.  In general, the winners of these games are determined by which player employs the best strategy.

Other than poker, there is currently not a large market for skill games for money.  Gambling websites tend to stick with poker, casino games and chance games right now. However, we are seeing increased interest in real money skill gaming sites. If things continue down this trend, we can expect to see more options soon.

Backgammon – Although backgammon doesn’t get a lot of attention from the general public, it has a very devout fan base.  The board and game pieces are completely different than other skill games and that may be what has made the game slow to catch on in the mainstream.  When people take the time to learn the game, though, they quickly become engrossed in the deep strategy that is used in backgammon.

The same story holds true for online backgammon as well. Internet backgammon doesn’t get a lot of attention right now, but there are several major websites where people can go to play backgammon against one another. And if you feel confident with your game, you can even wager real money against other backgammon players online.

Chess – Chess can be considered the king of skill games for a couple of reasons. First of all, the game has been played by countless people around the world for centuries. Secondly, chess is the only skill game in which there is absolutely zero luck involved in the game at all. There are no dice, cards or random events in chess; every move must be calculated and planned in advance.

The internet is a great medium for chess because chess is a fairly simple game to display on the computer. Additionally, there are no random events that can cause players to wonder whether the game is truly random or not. If you’d like to give online chess a try, there are several options you can visit to practice for free or to play against other people for real cash.

Dominoes – The game of dominoes is played by a wide cross section of people in many countries. The competitive nature of dominoes makes it a fun and action-packed game in which anything can happen. Dominoes is also appealing because it brings people together and creates a fun and social environment.

Dominoes has been associated with betting for a long time but only recently have real money dominoes sites hit the internet. People have been able to play online dominoes for a few years now, but playing for cash has only become possible in recent times. The next time you feel like challenging yourself, check out any of our recommended dominoes betting sites.