Keno Betting Sites

Keno is the easiest game to play in the casino. In my opinion it’s also one of the most boring. Similarly to the lottery, all you do is pick a few numbers, give someone money and then sit back to see if your numbers have been picked. That’s all there is to it. It certainly doesn’t have the appeal of playing slots, blackjack, or my personal favorite, poker.

Betting Site

But some people find it fascinating, and who am I to judge anyway? It’s a game that you can kill time with and play while betting on sports, playing another table game or while eating a buffet. And you can get free drinks while playing Keno too, so the game isn’t all bad.

Betting on Keno for Real Money Online

Keno is also available online, so you can kill time in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve only played keno once or twice in a live casino, and I haven’t played it online for real money, so I can’t say from experience what differences there may be between the two. Off the top of my head I know you won’t be placing numbers with a piece of paper online. The games will be faster too. Live you might go 5 to 10 minutes between draws, whereas online it might be a minute, two minutes tops. And from what I’ve read the odds are slightly better online. Live keno might offer a 70-80% return, but online casinos will offer close to 90%, and sometimes higher.

One thing that I have noticed between online casinos is that not all of them allow you to choose the same number of picks. One site, for example, gives you up to 15 numbers. Other casinos give you anywhere from 10 to 20 picks.

Aside from those subtle differences playing keno online for real money will be the same as playing live.

Keno Bonuses

Nearly every online casino offers a bonus to players when they signup and deposit real money for the first time. From time to time they offer “reload” bonuses as well to encourage existing players who haven’t played for a while to deposit more money.

These bonuses are usually what’s referred to as match bonuses. The casino will match a percentage of your deposit. The most common match is 100%, but it can vary from 10% to 200% depending on the casino. The maximum the casino will match you also depends. Up to $1,000 is common, while some casinos will match deposits as high as $5k (or more).

I highly suggest that you take advantage of the bonus since keno is compared to playing the lottery. I would take all the free money you could get.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that all casinos require players to “play through” their deposit plus bonus so many times before they can make a withdrawal. For example, say you deposit $100 and receive a 100% match for another $100 ($200 total). If the casino has a 20x play through, you’ll need to wager $4,000 before you can make a withdrawal. You’ll want to look at the terms and conditions of each casino before depositing, because the play through can be as high as 50x. Keno is hard enough as is to win money, much less winning money and then having to spend it all trying to get lucky again so you can cash out.

Online Keno Variations

The only real keno variation I’m aware of will be the payouts. One online casino might offer a better payout for each number hit compared to another casino. So I would recommend shopping around a little bit. Every little edge counts.

Keno Gaming Software Providers

There isn’t much to say about the keno software that’s online. The games I’ve seen definitely look primitive compared to the other table and slot games. It almost looks like an old school Nintendo game. But the software is functional and easy to use.

Aside from cosmetics, the only real thing worth noting is to make sure you’re computer is compatible with the casino’s software. Many online casinos have yet to make compatible software for Macs, so if you have one you might need to shop or see if your chosen casino has a browser based version of their game(s).