Football / Soccer Betting Websites

Football betting websites command a large presence on the internet due to the popularity of football betting around the world. Football (known as “soccer” to our US readers) is one of the most popular televised events in the world. It is no surprise that betting on football is big business today.

Online football betting sites serve an important purpose in the international market. Not all football fans have access to local bookies where they can go to place real money bets on upcoming matches. The single biggest solution to the lack of local football bookmakers has been the growth of football betting websites.

Betting Site
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Football betting on the internet provides wagering opportunities on all the major international leagues in the world. Whether it’s the Champions League or the World Cup, there is something for nearly every person in the world to bet on. If you are a fan of football and would like to add even more excitement to every match, the following football betting websites are ready for business.

One of the advantages to being a football fan is that there is always something big to bet on every year. Not only are there countless football matches hosted around the world every year, but there is always some tournament or another that is about to begin or is already in play. For example, a few of the biggest football betting events include the following:

  • The World Cup
  • European Championship
  • Copa America
  • African Cup of Nations
  • Asian Cup
  • CONCACAF Golf Gup
  • OFC Nations Cup
  • FIFA Confederations Cup
  • Summer Olympic Games

Finding Quality Football Betting Websites

Finding quality football betting websites is an easy process if you know what to look for. If you’re entirely new to football betting, it can be a bit overwhelming. The thing about online football betting is that there are just so many different betting sites out there that it can be hard to figure out where to even begin.

What we like to do when looking for the best football betting websites is make a list of the biggest names in the sports betting business. This gives us a manageable list to work with and it helps eliminate all the small time books out there that nobody knows about. The big names are the safest people to bet with because they are licensed, regulated and backed by their own reputations.

Once we have a manageable list of football betting websites, we then go through the list and look at their football betting options. The more options a book offers, the higher it gets ranked. We also compare the odds of each betting site to see which websites offer their customers the best odds for big matches. These two factors (options and generous lines) play the biggest role in determining which football betting websites are ranked the highest.

Two other things we look for in the best football betting websites are the deposit options and rewards programs. Deposit options make it easy to get started and place wagers. The more deposit options that are available, the better. Rewards programs are nice to see because they give customers extra perks such as cash bonuses, free items and reduced juice bets. These things all combine to create a positive experience for football fans.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Football Betting Sites

One of the first transactions you have with any football betting website is making a deposit. After you create an account, the second thing you will do is use one of the available deposit methods to fund your betting account. A long list of deposit options is always a desirable trait in football betting websites because that makes it easy and fast to get started.

Deposit options for football websites include methods such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, cash transfers and bank transfers. Credit cards and debit cards are the simplest deposit methods to use, while e-wallets are the most flexible. If you’re unfamiliar with e-wallets, these are services that allow you to hold your money online and then forward that money to any betting website.

Withdrawing from betting websites should always be as simple and fast as possible. This is obviously an important part of online betting because when people win money, they usually like to get their winnings in hand as soon as possible. Most big name football betting websites do an excellent job in providing players with timely payments.

In most cases, football betting sites send players their money back through the same method that was used to deposit. For example, if a customer uses Moneybookers to deposit, the betting site will probably credit that customer’s Moneybookers account when a withdrawal is requested. Sometimes credit cards cannot be credited back, however, so betting websites will use some other method to send those winnings to the customer.

Basics of Online Football Betting

Online football betting is similar to most other types of sports betting. When you join a football betting website, you can log in any time to view all open bets. Because of the wide variety of football leagues and tournaments, betting sites take different approaches to organizing everything. After logging in, you can navigate to the “football” section and then look for the various leagues and tournaments inside that area.

Below, we have listed a few of the most basics types of online football wagers. These are the most common bets you will see on the internet. Other betting types may come and go, but the ones listed here are considered basic football bets.

Full Time Result

This is a basic wager in which you try to predict the outcome of the match at full time. There are usually three possibilities offered in full time result bets: Team A, Team B or draw. Your bet is considered a winner if the result you picked is the actual result at the end of the match. Other variations of this wager include half-time results (where you choose the winner at half time) and half-time/full-time results (where you choose the winner at half time and the winner at full time).


Also known as “parlays” in the US, accumulator bets combine multiple wagers into one. In an accumulator bet, you pick the outcome of multiple football matches. Instead of receiving individual results, though, your winnings are automatically pushed on into the next wager.

Accumulators give you a chance to win a much bigger payout than by just placing a bunch of individual wagers. The disadvantage to this bet is that if just one of your picks is wrong, you lose the entire accumulator bet.

Total Goals

This is a simple type of football bet in which the bookmaker chooses a total number of goals for a match and then you guess whether the combined number of goals from both teams is greater than or less than that number.

Asian Handicap Betting

These are wagers in which you try to predict the winner of the match as usual. However, one team is given a handicap in order to make the bet as close to even money as possible. This is done by saying that Team A or Team B will start the game with a 1.5 (or some other number) goal advantage. The purpose of doing this is to make it more difficult for the stronger team to win and therefore make it a more interesting bet.

Prop Bets

Football prop bets are just like prop bets in other sports. The subject matter in prop bets can include just about anything that happens on the field. For example, some prop bets deal with which team will score first while others may ask how many times the woodwork will be hit. Prop bets can take many different forms and are always interesting.