The pastimes of golf and betting have a long, intertwined history that dates back to the earliest years of organized golf. Today, golf betting has leaped the internet with the advent of golf betting websites.

At the biggest golf sites today, people can wager real money on the outcome of major golf events.

Although golf isn’t played in a traditional team vs. team format like most sports, betting websites have still managed to come up with a variety of creative golf bets that appeal to bettors of all types, bets such as head-to-head bets, 3-ball bets, and futures give golf fans plenty of options when it comes to betting.

Best Golf Betting Websites

Finding Golf Betting Sites

Nearly every sports betting site on the internet has a section devoted to golf betting. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing about having so many golf betting websites out there is that you have options. If one site doesn’t serve your needs, a new site is just a couple of clicks away. The bad thing about having so many options is that it can be difficult to weed the quality sites from the poor sites.

Our approach to ranking the best golf betting websites is simple: we compile a list of safe betting websites and then organize those based on factors such as the number of golf bets they offer every day, the odds offered on their golf wagers, the ease of betting, the ease of depositing, the speed of withdrawals and the level of customer service. These factors provide us with a clear view of which betting sites can be considered the best in the industry.

Online golf betting is not terribly complicated, but it’s worth taking a little time to find the best golf betting sites. In doing so, you ensure yourself a safe and fun betting experience. Not only is it nice to know your funds are safe, but it’s nice to have a big selection of golf bets every day. At the top golf betting sites, you get the best of both worlds.

Real Money Golf Betting Online

In the early days of golf betting online, people were skeptical about placing real money bets on the internet. But as time has passed, the top betting websites have proven themselves to be safe and fair. Millions of customers later, the biggest golf betting websites are still running strong.

One of the greatest advantages to golf betting online is that it takes mere seconds to compare the odds between different bookmakers. If you’re about to place a bet on Tiger Woods winning the British Open, for example, you can easily check a couple of different golf betting websites to see which site is offering the best odds for that particular bet.

Deposits to golf betting websites are easy to initiate thanks to a long list of deposit options at betting sites. Many people fund their betting accounts with credit cards, debit cards, and instant e-checks. Additionally, golf betting sites accept e-wallet deposits through Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and ClickandBuy. For large deposits, golf betting sites accept wire transfers.

Withdrawals from golf betting sites are pretty much the same story. Bettors can also use all the same deposit methods to withdraw. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your money back is to cash out through an e-check. This method sends your money straight to your bank account with no middle man.

Major Golf Betting Events

The international appeal of golf makes it a year-round sport. No matter what time of the year it is, there is always something out there that you can bet on. This includes everything from major golf tournaments to minor qualifying events.

The most prestigious golf tournaments tend to attract the most betting action on the internet. Interest in these golf championship events is big, and betting always surges during these times. The following golf tournaments are just a few examples of the many golf betting events that are out there:

  • British Open
  • US Masters
  • Ryder Cup
  • US Open
  • Open Championship
  • Senior PGA Tour
  • EPGA Tour
  • Open de France

Online Golf Betting Basics

Major golf betting events are unique in the fact that they are not simple contests between two teams. When it comes to golf betting online, you are almost always restricted to betting on tournaments. Interestingly, online bookmakers have still managed to develop some unique bets that make golf betting endlessly interesting.

The following list of golf bets will serve as a basic introduction to online golf betting. Some of these bets are common in sports betting; others are unique to golf. This basic explanation of golf bets is a good place to start if you’re new to golf betting websites.

Head-to-Head Golf Bets

This is a type of golf bet in which the bookmaker pits two golfers against one another, and you place a wager on which golfer will finish the tournament with the best score. This is a unique type of golf bet that has managed to recreate the same type of competition you see in other sports. The golfers in these bets are not specifically competing against one another, but the sportsbook lets you wager on which one will do the best.

Golf betting websites alter the odds for each golfer based on the perceived skill of each golfer. For example, Tiger Woods in his prime would offer low payout odds because he was such a dominant golfer. His opponent would offer higher payouts with higher risk.

Golf 3-Ball Bets

3-ball bets are similar to head-to-head bets, except three golfers are matched against each other. You can choose any one of those golfers and place a bet on him. If your golfer ends up with the best score at the end of the tournament, you will win the bet. These bets are a bit more difficult to win, but they offer higher payouts than head-to-head bets.

Golf Futures

Golf futures are wagers in which you try to predict the winner of an upcoming tournament. The betting site gives you a long list of competitors, and you can place wagers on any golfer(s) that you think have the best chances to win the tournament. If your bet is correct, you will receive a nice payout.

Golf futures are difficult to win because they involve so many golfers. The odds of your golfer winning the tournament are not that great. However, golf futures make up for that by offering high payouts. It’s not uncommon to see golf futures that payout 100 to 1 or more on certain golfers.