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When looking for betting sites or a place to wager at online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the different betting websites, offers, reviews, and choices in terms of which are the best online betting sites for your own personal requirements and taste preferences.

Our goal here at is to help you with that process. Our content is focused on the best betting websites for each form of gambling. Whether you enjoy betting on sports, playing poker, or prefer progressive slot machines, we’ll help you find a website to play at.

We’ve already done the work for you — to get started, simply use our top lists and visit the site that appeals to you the most.

Betting Site
Up to $120 in Contest Fees Refunded18/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply
$20 Free + 100% up to $10018/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

However, for some of you that might not be enough. You’ll want to know more about each site including what they have to offer and how they stand out from other betting websites. In that case, we suggest reading our reviews. We cover the points that matter most to players and since we’re players ourselves, we should know. If you’d like to learn more about those points, please continue to read on.

Our Process For Rating Online Betting Sites

When reviewing betting sites, we look at specific attributes. We’ve explained each one below. But keep in mind that since each player is different and/or plays different games, certain wagering attributes may or may not mean that much to you — if they’re relevant to you at all.

Sports Coverage: Fans of sports betting websites know that not all online betting sites cover all sports world wide or cater to all geographic locations (though some certainly try to), UK betting sites can be quite different from US betting sites and the same can be said for most countries and online betting.

I tend to group sites specific to areas where betting on sports and horse racing is popular, with North American sports dominating US coverage and International sports covering most of the rest of the world.   Listings of online bookmakers and sportsbooks will be grouped by what sports are covered.

Game Availability: Is there a wide variety of betting games to play or wager on? This includes variations or obscure games too and is a question we ask of all online betting sites we list on our website. We also look at the betting limits to ensure that most players will be able to play there. In the case of poker or other community games, we also look for high levels of traffic.

Support: A responsive support staff is of the utmost importance to us. Many of our listed sites provide more than one way to contact support and respond in 24 hours or less. Friendliness and the ability to solve your issues is important to us too.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options: With processors coming and going, it’s important to us to list sites that have several convenient banking methods available. But it’s not only the number of options that are important to us. These options need to be quick and convenient too.

International Availability – US Friendly: We realize many of our visitors are from the US, so tries to list as many USA friendly sites as possible. But we don’t list a site simply because they provide service to Americans. These sites still need to meet the same criteria as our other listed sites (games, support, bonuses, VIP, etc).

Bonuses And Promotional Incentives: Obviously, bonuses shouldn’t be the sole reason why you sign up to play at a site. But we feel that it’s still important to consider when reviewing sites. After all, bonuses are great for boosting bankrolls and prolonging your entertainment.

But it’s not just about the size of the bonus — we also look at the requirements for clearing the bonuses. Some are harder than others and therefore will suit a certain type of player over another. We explain these requirements so you can determine whether you’ll be able to take full advantage of it or not.

VIP Rewards, Comps, And Loyalty Programs: We feel that VIP programs are an important consideration because like deposit bonuses, it’s free money or tournament entries or some other kind of incentive. A good enough VIP program will be able to offset your losses some and/or prolong your playing.

Once again, similar to bonuses, there isn’t a one size fits all. Many sites favor those who spend more in their casino (obviously) and so there rewards program is top heavy. How top heavy will depend on the site(s) you play at. Be sure to figure this out before signing up so you can determine if the VIP program suits you or not.

Software: When we rate a betting website’s software, we consider a few factors. One, is the software available on both a PC and Mac? Ideally, the sites we list will be able to benefit all of our users, regardless of the operating system they choose to use. Two, is the software easy to use? We look to see how easy it is to navigate the lobby, find the games we want to wager on and if it’s easy to place a wager or start playing. Thirdly, we look at graphics. Does the site look like it’s updated for 2019 — or does it look like something back from 1995?  Another important factor to consider is whether a native or browser based mobile betting applications is available to players looking to make a bet on the go.

Odds: Depending on the type of sports and games you wager on, it’ll be important for you to look at the odds being offered. For sports betting, you will want to look for betting sites that offer reduced vig and the best sports betting lines. Many sports betting sites offer reduced vig in a promotion of some kind. In casino games, you want to find games that offer the best payout possible. Blackjack, for example, you’ll want to play at sites that pay 3:2 for a natural blackjack vs. 6:5. Although they seem small, these savings will add up over the long run.

More About Online Betting And Gambling Websites Of Interest

Studies funded by the American Gaming Association ( claim that the betting market in the United States alone is worth over $6,000,000,000 USD.  Imagine the total amounts of bets and wagers when you combine the world wide market into that total – markets like the UK (regulated online betting via the gambling commission at ), Canada, Europe, and the rise of Asia multiple that figure many times.

It is only natural to assume that internet gambling and online betting will grow as technology continues to advance and governments tackle the complicated issue of regulating and licensing online betting (and of course taxing) websites will continue grow in popularity and acceptance world wide.