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Basketball is one of the most betting-friendly sports in the world thanks to speed at which the game moves and the ability for even the most lopsided matchups to turn around in an instant. In a game loaded with superstars and teams that can score 100+ points in a game, the opportunities for betting are endless.

Basketball betting websites understand the allure of basketball and make sure to post a wide variety of bets every week. The most popular betting websites offer a huge selection of wagers on US basketball games as well as international basketball leagues. During the basketball season, sports bettors never suffer from a lack of betting options.

Tournament season in basketball is one of the most hyped-up times in all of sports betting. During the NCAA championship, it seems like you can’t get a drink at the water cooler without hearing someone talking about their bracket or favorite team. To a lesser extent, the NBA Finals also generate hype and bring the gamblers out of the woodwork.

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Rating Basketball Betting Sites

Our top-ranked basketball betting websites are picked by applying a basic set of standards to all the betting sites out there. The first thing we look for in basketball betting sites is a positive reputation. Online gambling demands a little faith in the site at which you wager. Without that faith, there is no purpose in betting real money at that site.

Next, we rate basketball betting websites according to how well they perform during each basketball season. Bookmakers that offer a wide variety of basketball bets and post lines quickly get our top picks. We also look for sites that provide bettors with fair odds on all games. The last thing you want to do is pay extra juice or get bad lines all season long.

It also helps when basketball betting sites keep bets open during the basketball offseason. For example, many of the top sportsbooks provide futures bets on next year’s champions and top players. The ability to place wagers all year round is a major positive. It also serves as an indicator of that betting site’s dedication to the sport.

During the season, the top rated basketball betting websites are able to post multiple lines for every single game. Many basketball games are played every year and we like to see sites that are able to keep up with all the action. The ability to provide bets on all games is a strong indicator of success and a stable business.

By sorting through all of the above factors, we have managed to compile a solid list of the best basketball betting websites. These are far from the only basketball sportsbooks out there, but they definitely rank among the best. At these sites, customers don’t have to worry about invalidated bets, slow payments or other nonsense betting rules.

NBA Betting

The NBA is the most prestigious basketball league in the world. This is the league where greats like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have captivated fans around the world. High scoring games, fast breaks, big dunks and even bigger egos all combine to make basketball a fan-friendly sport that also happens to work very nicely for sports betting.

All major online betting websites provide NBA betting each season. This is one of the staple sports you’ll find at just about every betting site on the internet. Once again, we would like to mention how important it is to stick with highly-rated betting sites. When betting with real money, there is not a single good reason to play at less-than-stellar betting sites.

The NBA Finals wrap up each NBA season and not surprisingly, this is where a big chunk of the yearly betting takes place. The Western Conference Finals, Eastern Conference Finals and then the Finals themselves all lend to many betting opportunities online. The only downside to betting on the finals is that these games get a lot of attention and the lines are usually very close to optimal.

NCAA College Basketball

The NCAA is the main college basketball league in the United States. In some ways, NCAA basketball betting outshines even the NBA itself. College basketball has created some of the most diehard fans ever, and this is evident all season long. Thus, NCAA basketball betting has become big business both in Vegas and online.

NCAA basketball betting websites are quite common due to the popularity of college basketball. All the biggest online sportsbooks in the world are sure to offer betting on all the major games of each college basketball season. If you want to wager on college basketball games, we recommend you visit the betting sites listed here.

The NCAA basketball championship, also known as the “Big Dance,” has established a firm place in the American sports betting landscape. Every year, millions of people fill out brackets and attempt to predict the outcomes of all 67 games. Sports betting websites generate a ton of business as people log on and place bets on individual games and the outcome of the tournament.

European Basketball

European basketball, specifically the EuroBasket championship, can be bet on at most of the largest international sportsbooks. European basketball doesn’t quite get as much attention as the American leagues, but it is a growing sport throughout Europe. An account at any of the big-name sportsbooks will let you place wagers on most EuroBasket games.

You will be the most likely to find European basketball betting by visiting international sportsbooks such as those recommended above. We’ve found that few US-friendly gambling sites offer European basketball. Your best bet is to visit the large, international betting websites that focus on the UK / European market.

Basketball betting can take a number of formats. The most common types of basketball bets are explained below with a brief summary. One of the fun things about sports betting is learning how to place different wagers and trying them out for yourself.

Basketball Point Spreads

The point spread is one of the most basic and common types of basketball bets. This is a wager in which you place a simple wager on the team you think will win the game. Bookmakers give and take points from the teams as a handicap to help make the games more even.

In most cases, one team is viewed as the superior team and will have to win by a certain number of points for wagers on that team to be considered winning wagers. The underdogs, on the other hand, can either win the game or lose by a few points and still be considered winners for betting purposes.

Moneyline Bets In Basketball

Moneyline bets are also simple wagers in which you pick which team will win a game. The difference is that bookmakers do not adjust the points for each team. Instead, the bookmakers adjust the payout odds for the favorites and underdogs.

If you want to place a wager on the favored team in a matchup, you will have to risk more money than you stand to win. If you place a wager on the underdog team, you end up risking less money than you stand to win. The idea here is to make both sides of the bet equally attractive in the eyes of the bettors.


In totals betting, bookmakers set a number that they think will be the total combined score for both teams. Sports bettors then predict whether the actual score will be greater than that total or less than that total. Correct bets are rewarded with even money payouts.


Futures are basketball bets that take longer to resolve than average bets. For example, the most common futures bet in basketball is a prediction on who will win the next championship game. These wagers are open all year round at most basketball betting websites.

Basketball Prop Bets

Basketball prop bets are wagers that cover a wide variety of topics. These bets have less to do with which team will win and more to do with how the game will be won. A couple of common prop bets in basketball are which team will score first and which team will be leading after a certain amount of time.