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The 10 Most Useful and Interesting Sports Betting Websites

The old saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well applies perfectly to sports betting. If you’re going to risk your hard-earned money betting on future events with uncertain outcomes, it is well worth your time to invest some effort in improving your knowledge and understanding of sports betting. Otherwise, you might as well…


5 Weird Sports You Can Actually Bet on Online

Online bookmakers are always looking for an edge over the competition, and one of the ways they do that is by offering bets that can’t be found elsewhere. This form of one-upmanship over the years leads us to where we are today. Visit any major bookmaker and you’ll find a surprisingly diverse variety of bets…


The Smart Gambler’s Guide to Betting on the UFC Online

Mixed martial arts is one of the softest sports for online betting in my experience. This is probably because there isn’t as much public interest in the sport as there is in, say, the NFL so the oddsmakers don’t spend as much time researching every last line. Plus, there just isn’t as much experience in…


3 Must Know Live Betting Tips

Live, in-play betting presents numerous opportunities for the punter who can sit down and watch games in their entirety. Where traditional bets must be placed before the match, in-play wagers allow you to take a proactive role and place bets in real time as the match progresses. Not only is it more exciting, it is…

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Best 3 Strategy Sites for Poker Players

There are many free resources available online to poker players that can help them improve their skills. Forums are easily the best of these free resources. Another good (free) resource for poker players are strategy websites. These sites are generally made by individuals who are affiliates for poker sites. Their goal is to drive traffic…

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Best 3 Poker Forums

I’d be willing to bet that the majority of successful online poker players would not be where they are today if it weren’t for being a member of a poker forum or two. This is because poker forums have tons of threads with advice and strategies for all kinds of situations. A player can learn…

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Best MMA / UFC Fighter Fan Sites

If you talk to anyone who is seriously into MMA / UFC, it’s likely that they have a favorite fighter. They know everything about them — the fighter’s height/weight/reach, their record, what style of fighting they specialize in and how they got their start. These guys are true fans.

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Best 3 Forums for Blackjack Players

The best place to learn anything, hands down, would be in a forum. This is because forums have hundreds, if not thousands of posts with questions and answers or general discussion pertaining to that specific industry or hobby. This gives newbies an opportunity to pick up a ton of information without exposing their newness, while…