motor racing betting sites

All the top betting websites on the internet offer motor sports racing to some degree. Some betting sites do better than others when it comes to motor racing, but they all cover the biggest racing events around the world.

Everything from NASCAR to Formula 1 racing can be bet on at the top online betting websites.

One advantage you gain by betting on motor racing is that there are many different racing leagues out there that you can bet on. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it makes it easier to find profitable bets. A little knowledge can take you a long ways when it comes to online motor sports racing betting.

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Top Motor Sports Betting Sites

The quality of motor sports betting sites ranges by a wide margin. Some betting websites only offer a basic list of motor sports bets while other betting sites get very in-depth. When we compiled this list of the best motor sports betting websites, we made sure to only include betting sites that offer more than just a few motor sports betting options.

The best motor sports betting websites have open wagers on all different types of motor racing. This includes bets on NASCAR, F1, motorbikes, INDY racing and more. Depending on the season, you’ll always have options for motor sports betting. There so many different leagues out there that the best betting websites never have a problem coming up with new bets.

Even more important than the betting selection, though, is the safety and reputation of each betting website. We place safety and security above all other factors when picking the best motor racing betting websites. There are just too many betting sites out there to make it worth betting at some shady bookmaker. That’s why you may have noticed that all of our top-recommended motor sports racing sites are large and well-known bookmakers.

A second advantage of betting at large bookmakers is that you tend to get better lines. These big motor sports racing sites don’t need to make as much money as they can off every single customer they get. The biggest betting websites just offer fair odds and make money by being known as the best places to bet. It’s a sound strategy and it works well for both the bookies and the bettors.

When it comes to online betting, there are a few major motor sports racing leagues that offer the most betting opportunities. Some of these racing leagues get more attention than others from online bookmakers. NASCAR events, for example, are very popular among racing fans and these events tend to book a lot of betting action.

If you’re into smaller racing events such as certain motorcycle racing leagues, you will find the best luck by visiting the largest online bookmakers. Smaller betting websites don’t have the resources to cover every little race that happens in the world. Bigger websites have the ability to cover more races, so you’ll have better luck with smaller events at those sites.

Here are just a few examples of the types of racing betting that is offered at large online bookmakers:

  • Formula 1
  • INDY
  • MotoGP
  • SBK
  • Touring Cars (DTM and WTCC)

Types Of Motor Racing Bets

Motor racing betting is a bit like golf betting because racing competitions are almost always set in a tournament format. You won’t often find betting opportunities where there are just two opponents squaring off like in most sports. This had led bookmakers to create a couple of unique types of bets that are not often found in other sports.

Head-to-Head Betting

Head-to-head betting was created for sports events in which there are a lot of competitors and only one winner. This type of betting picks two racers and then lets you wager on which of those racers will end up with the best time. The purpose of head-to-head betting is to recreate the same type of betting that is found in sports that consist of just two competitors battling it out for victory.

Outright Win

This is a bet in which you can pick any person in the race and wager on that person winning the entire race. These wagers are difficult to win (because there are so many people competing to win) but they offer very high payouts. For example, odds of 50-1 means a single $10 bet would return $500 if that person won the race.


Prop betting is a type of betting in which the wagers aren’t concerned with predicting the winner of the race. These bets are based on certain events and situations such as who will have the fastest single lap, how fast the fastest lap will be, who will be the first driver to retire and so on. Racing is a great sport for prop betting because there are so many little things that can be bet on during a single race.