Sports betting sites have been a part of the internet since the mid-1990s. Over the years, the landscape of online sports betting has changed drastically. Today, there are dozens of sportsbooks and bookmakers that players can use to hop online and place real money bets on all types of competitive events.  If you are interested in testing your skills, this page is the place to begin.

This section is organized by all the different types of sports fans like to bet on. On these pages, you’ll find sportsbook recommendations that are specific to each sport and league. With these recommendations, you’ll be able to get started at the best available options for your personal needs.

Best Sports Betting Websites

Betting on Sports Online

Bettors can bet on nearly every sport in the world at online betting sites, and it’s big business too. The largest events get the most attention, of course, but there are many options out there on a daily basis. Everything from international football to darts can be wagered on at gambling sites.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and active markets:

Football – (American) – American football, more simply known as “football” in the States, is one of the most popular spectator sports in the USA. Hard-hitting plays, tons of action, and a tradition of watching football socially make this particular sport a multi-billion-dollar industry. As such, it is no surprise that betting on football is also a huge industry.

When it comes to football betting, the NFL and NCAA generate the most action by a long shot, but some action is to be found on the Canadian Football League or CFL.  A few other leagues are starting to take shape as well.  Betting on NFL games is massively popular on the internet and with bookies around the world. College football is quickly becoming a competitor because many view NCAA football as a more “pure” sport.

Baseball – The game of baseball was once considered America’s pastime, but today this sport is played everywhere from Japan to South America.  Many feel baseball betting doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. For one, baseball is one of the easiest sports to turn a profit on. There’s not as much competition from other sports fans in baseball as in other sports.

The MLB is the most well-known league for professional baseball betting, but it’s hardly the only league. Sports bettors can also bet international baseball leagues around the world for real money. The sheer number of options makes it possible for even the most average of fans to find profitable lines.

Basketball – Basketball is one of the most exciting sports to bet on due to the high-scoring, fast-paced nature of the game.  There are few sports in which you’ll find as many close games as basketball.  Changes in momentum can turn a game upside down in seconds and can easily keep sports bettors on the edges of their seats all the way down to the wire.

Both the NBA and international basketball leagues are popular formats for betting on games.  College basketball is also a huge market, even though the NCAA does not endorse basketball gambling of any type. No matter which league you follow, we can tell you for sure that basketball is the sport to get your blood moving.

Hockey – Hockey is most closely associated with the NHL, although there are other leagues, including NCAA and internationally.  When it comes to hockey betting online, you’ll find that NHL betting is where most of the action occurs.  There might be other hockey leagues out there, but online hockey betting tends to stick with the NHL for the most part.

Despite the low-scoring nature of hockey, bookmakers have come up with some unique and entertaining wagering variations to keep things interesting.  For example, the “puck line” and “Grand Salami” bets both take a completely different approach to betting than most other types of wagers.

Cricket – Cricket is a good sport for punters who follow it regularly and are up to date on the latest cricket news. Although cricket isn’t the most widely played sport globally, it has an extremely loyal fan base. This is good news for cricket betting fans because there are many newbies in the cricket world. A little homework will take you a long way.

The internet is easily the best place to bet on cricket because of the international reach of the game. If you follow cricket matches worldwide, you might have a hard time placing bets at a local bookmaker. Thanks to cricket betting sites, even the remotest cricket matches are just a few clicks away.

Soccer – Online soccer betting is slowly growing in popularity in the United States. Most of the world may know it as “football,” but our US visitors still know it as soccer.  No matter what you call it, the sport is definitely gaining a foothold in the United States. With a national soccer team for international competition plus the MLS, there are plenty of opportunities for soccer gambling on the internet.

Hurling – Hurling is a somewhat obscure sport by some standards, but it is played in many countries around the world. If you visit the right websites, you’ll find online hurling betting for real money. It’s not very common, but it is out there. Generally, you’ll find the best luck at large bookmakers and sites that cater to Ireland and Scotland.

Handball – Handball is another obscure sport, but you’d be surprised to find that many betting sites do offer online handball betting. Despite the sport’s somewhat low-key reputation, the game is full of action and moves at a quick pace. If you put a little money on the line, you’ll definitely have no lack of excitement. Even better: it’s relatively easy to turn a profit if you follow the sport regularly.

Volleyball – Just about everybody has at least a little experience with the sport of volleyball. The game gets a fair amount of attention and can definitely be classified as a spectator-friendly sport. If you keep up with the actual nuts and bolts of the game, you might also be interested in online volleyball betting. The largest sports betting websites tend to have the most variety for volleyball fans.

Rugby – Rugby is definitely a big-time sport and betting on rugby is popular in many parts of the world. The international nature of rugby makes it a perfect candidate for online gambling. Rugby matches are hosted worldwide, and online betting sites make it easy to keep up with all rugby matches. Most shops offer both rugby league and rugby union.

Golf – Golf and betting go together very well for both players and spectators alike. In informal matches, players often place wagers against one another for both individual holes and the overall outcome of the game. The PGA itself does not condone the activity, but many sites follow the sport closely and make it easy to participate in online golf betting.

Motor Sports Racing – Motor racing covers a lot of ground, with everything from F1 to NASCAR to rally car racing falling under the “motorsports” title. Betting on motorsports is big business due to the large fan base and international scope of motor racing.

Boxing – Boxing and betting don’t exactly have the most amicable historical relationship, but the two pursuits are nevertheless intertwined. Boxing betting has been taking place since the beginning of the sport and continues strong to this day. Most boxing betting sites offer odds well in advance of all major matches.

MMA/UFC – MMA betting is a quickly-growing segment that targets the perfect market for internet wagering: young, active males. The UFC, in particular, has become an astounding success in its own right. As a result, MMA and UFC betting are also growing quickly. Over the past few years, every serious sportsbook has added a section for Mixed Martial Arts.

Darts – Darts probably doesn’t strike most people as a major international sport, but that is exactly what it is. If you catch ESPN at the right time, you might even get to watch the world championship of darts.  Most betting sites offer darts during major events.

Snooker – Snooker sort of fits into the darts category as one of those sports that aren’t typically associated with major sporting competitions. Even so, snooker is played around the world in both casual and professional contexts. Although snooker betting isn’t the most popular activity globally, it garners enough attention to be found at most major online bookmakers.

As long as this list is, that’s not even everything you’ll find at the largest sports betting sites. Some even offer wagering on current events, reality TV, and other random events. The options you have at any major brand are impressive, to say the least.

Top Online Sports Betting Websites

If you’re on the hunt for a new place to play at, we have a few recommendations for you right here. One of the nice things about sports betting online is that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to wager. With so many options available, it only makes since to try and find the best establishments for your business.

Some sports betting websites are open to customers from the USA while othersonly serve markets outside the US. In both categories, we have specific recommendations to help you get started. Whether you live in the United States or anywhere else, there are good places to signup and join.

We consider the best online sportsbooks to be ones that are make it easy to deposit, easy to bet and easy to withdraw. After all, those are basically the three major steps to getting started. Get your account funded, place a few wagers and then cash out your winnings.

The ease of moving your money into and out of sports betting websites is a major factor to consider. There are dozens of real money deposit methods and cashout methods out there, and we feel that more is better. Sportsbooks that make it easy to move your money around get extra points for that ability.

A major part in ranking online sports betting sites also includes the safety and reputation of each one. We only like to play where we feel our money is safe and we assume our readers feel the same way. That is why we thoroughly research the history of each sportsbook before we recommend it here on our pages.

As I build and improve this page feel free to check ESPN Sports for coverage on just about anything, or Sky Sports for punters across the pond.