The ancient sports of hurling may not be the most well-known game in the world, but people do still play the sport competitively in certain parts of the world. And even though the game is relatively obscure compared to other sports, we do know of several hurling betting websites that offer lines for the sport.

Ireland is the traditional home of hurling, although the sport has strongholds in other countries due to the great influxes of Irish immigrants over the years. The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is charged with promoting hurling and other traditional sports around the world. The organization has more than a million members around the world and hurling betting remains a popular pastime in many places.

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Finding Hurling Betting Sites

Hurling betting websites are not easy to find due to the simple fact that most betting sites ignore hurling altogether. This is a fairly niche sport and most betting websites prefer to devote more time to other sports that generate more income. Fortunately, there are a few places online that provide real money hurling betting.

Only the largest betting websites offer hurling betting because those sites have the resources and manpower to provide up to date hurling bets for their customers. This is a good thing for hurling fans because the largest betting websites tend to be the best anyways. Websites that have the ability to provide hurling betting also have the ability to provide a safe betting experience.

Our top picks for hurling betting sites are all places that we recommend frequently. These betting websites are the best places for bettors because they are safe places to bet and have been in business for many years. It’s quite fortunate that most of our favorite all-around betting websites are the few sites that actually offer hurling betting online.

If you find hurling betting websites that aren’t listed here, make sure you do a little basic research to make sure those are safe places to play. Try to look for actual user reviews and look for mentions of those sportsbooks at online forums and in the news. A little prudence goes a long ways when it comes to real money betting online.

How Online Hurling Betting Works

Hurling betting websites treat hurling just like any other sport. The only difference between hurling and other sports is that betting websites do not always offer as many wagers for hurling as they do for other sports. This is due to the simple fact that hurling betting doesn’t attract as many bettors as some of the larger sports.

Even so, some betting websites do a nice job in providing up-to-date hurling bets. The two most popular types of hurling bets are explained below:

Hurling Futures

Hurling futures are the most common because these are simple wagers for sportsbooks to offer. In a futures wager, you are given a list of hurling teams that will be competing in some upcoming tournament. You can pick any team off the list and make a bet on that team winning the championship. A few popular hurling events are listed below.

  • GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship
  • National Hurling League
  • Christy Ring Cup
  • Nicky Rackard Cup
  • All-Ireland Poc Fada Championship

Hurling Match Betting

Hurling match betting isn’t as common because it requires bookmakers to devote more time to hurling betting. However, this type of bet can still be found online at the best hurling betting sites. In a hurling match bet, you are presented with two teams that will be competing against one another in the near future. You can then place a bet on either team winning the match.

Hurling bookmakers adjust the payout odds of each team based on the likelihood of that team winning the match. In an uneven matchup, the stronger team is given lower payout odds and the weaker team is given higher payout odds. This is done to make both sides of the wager worth betting on. Otherwise, everyone would just bet on the strong team every time.