Handball is a somewhat small sport that doesn’t get a lot of international attention but still attracts a good amount of betting action. Today, numerous handball betting websites allow fans of the sport to place real money bets online.

On this page, you will find a general introduction to handball betting along with recommendations for the best handball betting websites.

Handball is a fast-paced sport that naturally goes well with betting. It’s a shame this game isn’t more popular worldwide because it provides quality entertainment for spectators and gamblers alike. When you add betting to fast-past sports such as handball, it makes every wager a thrill.

Best Handball Betting Sites

Where To Bet On Handball Online

Handball betting websites are not easily found because so few betting sites cover the sport. And then, even when you do find a sport that provides handball betting, the betting options are usually quite limited. There are only a few quality handball betting websites out there that offer both safety and a good number of betting options.

If you look at the top handball betting sites listed on this page, you’ll see that they are all big-name betting sites in general. We picked these as the best handball betting websites because these sites have the biggest selection of handball bets. Other betting websites either ignore handball altogether, or they offer a paltry betting menu.

Even more important is the fact that these are among the most trusted names in the business. We like to stick with big-name betting sites because they have collectively served millions of customers. Other betting sites may be able to talk big, but the sites that we like the most have proven they have what it takes to deliver a quality betting experience.

So when you’re ready to give real money handball betting a try, click on any of the links on this page to visit the top betting websites for handball. You won’t find better places to wager than the sites listed here. You might find alternative places to wager, but there isn’t anywhere else that offers both safety and in-depth handball betting.

Handball Betting Explained

Online handball betting is pretty much the same as all other types of sports betting. There are two types of bets in particular that are the most common in handball. The following wagers are the ones you will see the most often at handball betting websites.

Handball 3-Way Bets

3-Way bets are offered for sports in which there are three possible outcomes: team A winning, team B winning, or a tie. The perceived likelihood of that outcome dictates the odds for each outcome. For example, tie bets in handball usually offer 9-1 payouts or more because the odds of a tie are small.

Handball betting websites adjust the payouts in this manner because it keeps all three outcomes worthwhile. Wagers on the tie are not likely to win, but when the payouts are high enough, people become willing to place a little money on the tie. The same thing also goes for wagers on whichever team is viewed as the underdog of the match.

Handball Outright Win Bets

Outright win bets (also known as “futures”) are used for tournaments and championship games. In an outright win bet, the betting site lists all the times competing in an upcoming tournament and then lets you pick which team you think will win the whole thing. The payout odds vary based on the likelihood of each team winning.

The best teams in the league come with the lowest payout odds because those teams have the best chances to win. The worst teams are given the highest payout odds because they are such long shots. The goal of the betting website is to offer odds that make every single team equally attractive to bettors.