Best MMA / UFC Fighter Fan Sites

If you talk to anyone who is seriously into MMA / UFC, it’s likely that they have a favorite fighter. They know everything about them — the fighter’s height/weight/reach, their record, what style of fighting they specialize in and how they got their start. These guys are true fans.

But are you? Do you know everything about your favorite fighter? If not, we have you covered. We did some research and came up with the best 4 websites that have created profiles for MMA and UFC fighters. Give these sites a look and become the ultimate fighting fan.

Top 4 MMA & UFC Fighter Profile Sites is easily one of the best resources to learn about your favorite fighters. Each profile contains a short bio, stats and videos. I also liked how the fighter’s skills are broken down. You’ll also find videos, merchandise and links to the fighters Facebook and Twitter.

Cage Potato is a cool site for player profiles because it’s set up like Wikipedia. There are over 200 fighter profile pages, all of which are updated by fans. It’s real easy to find your fighter as everything is set up in alphabetical order using the fighter’s first name. There are also over 3,000 other Wiki style pages containing info on MMA girls, moves and events.

This site’s fighter profile section still looks to be a work in progress, so you should definitely bookmark it for future reference. What I like best is how the profiles are set up. On the main page, you’ll find basic stats, strengths, weaknesses and over analysis. You can also check out the media page where you’ll find videos. When applicable, there is also links to news or industry gossip. Once these profiles are completed, it’s going to be one of the best resources for player profiles.

At Kick Ass MMA you won’t find any stats, but what you will find are a bunch of videos, pictures and in-depth/easy-to-read text. Profiles go over the fighter’s personal and professional life, from start to finish.

What Are Your Favorites?

These are only a few of the many profile sites out there. We definitely had to dig for these, as most aren’t very good. But maybe you know of some good ones? Let us know about your favorite profile sites in the comments below, along with who your favorite fighters are.

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