Bingo Betting Sites

Bingo is a game I’m sure most everyone is familiar with. I started playing bingo when I was in grade school. Back then we played for candy and dollar store prizes. It was exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the opportunity to play for cash now as an adult. Not to mention that you can play bingo online from the comfort of your own home.

Bingo. At home. For real money. Does it get any better than that?

Betting on Bingo for Real Money Online

You’ll notice that while the game of bingo is the same from live to online, there are other differences that will have an impact on your experience.

The biggest difference to me is the social aspect. Playing bingo in a live setting gives you the opportunity to laugh with your friends or peers and get excited for one another as you all get closer to a bingo, or win. You do have the ability to chat online, but it’s obviously not the same. When you’re jumping up and down after you win a bingo you’re doing it all by yourself. Almost sounds a little nerdy or even pathetic, doesn’t it?

Another difference is in how many bingo cards you choose to play. With live bingo you need to keep track of all of your cards, and more importantly, all of your bingos. If you miss one then tough luck. Online, there are options such as the auto-daub and auto-bingo function so that you never miss a number, nor do you miss out on calling out your bingo. It’s all done for you.

You can also play online free and still have the opportunity to win (cash) prizes. I’m sure that’s possible in brick and mortar bingo halls too, or at least for hard/physical prizes or gift certificates, but certainly not on the same level as online bingo halls. And in addition to free, you can play games for as little as a nickel online.

There might be a few other differences that I’m not aware of, but I think those are the most noticeable. Other than that the game itself should be identical.

Bingo Bonuses

Just like online casinos bingo halls offer players free money and deposit bonuses. Some online bingo halls will give you $5 to $20 free to try out the software. And nearly all bingo halls give players match bonuses. The bingo hall will “match” a percentage of your deposit up to so many dollars. The actual dollar amount isn’t nearly as high as what you’ll find for poker rooms and casinos, but the match percentage is much higher. Instead of seeing something like a 100% match up to $500 or $1000, you’ll see a 200% deposit bonus up to $200 or $100 free with a $20 deposit (500%).

And just like online casinos and poker rooms you’ll need to “clear” the bonus before you can make a withdrawal. The requirement will vary from room to room, but the general idea is that you need to wager so much of your deposit. So if a bingo hall has a 1x play through and you deposit $20, you’ll have to play $20 before making a withdrawal. I’ve seen these rules at less than 1x and more than 2x, so it’ll just depend. Any bingo hall that has a casino will have the traditional 20-50x play through too.

Overall it’s just important that you read the terms and conditions before getting started so that you know where you stand.

Bingo Variations

Most anyone that has played bingo before is aware of the different bingo variations or patterns. In other words, the different ways to cover your board in order to win a bingo like a blackout, 4 corners, X, etc. Online bingo halls will have these, as well as 75, 80 and 90 ball games.

Aside from the more common variations, you’ll also run into bingo halls that offer progressive jackpots, tournaments and other room specific (unique) variations. Most bingo halls I’ve seen also provide casino games like slots and baccarat for additional variety and entertainment.

Bingo Software Providers

There are a number of bingo software providers. At least 10 of them. Most I’ve never heard of, but probably because they don’t run the software behind the larger bingo sites. However, there are others that are more popular and well-known such as Microgaming, Playtech and 888 Holdings. All of these software providers run online casino games too.

With that being the case you can be sure that most of the bingo games that you come across online are fun to play and look at, not to mention fair (random numbers).