Slots Betting Sites

Slots are the most popular form of casino betting out there. They are easy to play, offer quick rewards and come in hundreds of different varieties. Both men and women flock to slot machines when they don’t feel like dealing with complicated table games and annoying casino patrons. Additionally, slot machines offer some of the highest jackpots in the entire casino.

Betting Site

Most betting websites offer slots to some degree. In many cases, betting websites provide nearly a hundred different types of slot machines. The types of bets that can be placed range from mere pennies to hundreds of dollars. Basically, there’s something for everyone when it comes to online slots.

Slots Variations

Online slots games come in many different variations and sub-variations. In the grandest sense, slots can be categorized as either video slots or traditional reel slots online betting games. Video slots tend to be the most popular because they come with advanced graphics, multiple pay lines, bonus games and lots of special effects. Traditional reel slots resemble old-fashioned fruit machines with a single line of physical reels.

Both video slots and reel slots can also be sub-categorized as either fixed jackpot slots or progressive jackpot slots. Fixed jackpot slots have a specific jackpot amount that can be won. Fixed jackpots are rarely as large as progressive jackpots but they are much more likely to be triggered.

Progressive jackpot slot machines have a jackpot that grows over time. A certain percentage of every wager is taken and added to the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are even sometimes linked among multiple machines across different casinos. As a result, progressive jackpots can grow to become massive. Some progressive jackpots on the internet top several million dollars.

Beyond that, slots can come in countless different variations in regards to colors, themes and general feel of the game. You’ll find slots that are themed after famous movies, others that are based on random themes such as sports, and on and on. A quick look at any popular betting website will show you just how varied slot machines can be.

Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments have a set buy-in which gives players a specific amount of casino chips. The tournament participants then get a set amount of time or spins to try to win as many chips as possible. At the end of the tournament, the players with the most chips are given cash prizes.

In most slots betting tournaments, the casino chips used during the tournament have no monetary value. These chips only serve as a way to keep score. The basic idea is similar to a poker tournament. If you end up with more chips than everyone else, you’ll be in for a nice payday.

One of the greatest advantages to slots tournaments is that they give you an opportunity to get a lot of slots play in with limited risk. Once you pay your buy-in fee, you are done risking money. Essentially, you know exactly how much money you have at risk. With traditional slots, it’s a lot easier to lose track of how much money you’re spending.

Slots Bonuses

Online betting sites typically offer large signup bonuses to new players. The amount of bonus money varies from one casino the next, but it can range anywhere from $100 to $800 or more. In most cases, online slots bonuses are given to players as a percentage of their first deposit.

For example, a slots site that offers a 200% signup bonus will give you double your initial deposit in bonus money. So if you deposit $100, they’ll match with $200 on top of that. In the end, you’ll have $300 worth of money to play with. The online casino industry is competitive, so bonuses this large are not uncommon.

Of course, these gaming betting bonuses come with clearing requirements to prevent people from getting the bonus and instantly cashing out. The clearing requirements state that you have to wager a certain amount of money to release each dollar of bonus. If you play slots a lot, you’ll find it pretty easy to clear these bonuses.

Software Providers

Online slots software providers provide most of the slots game designs online. These slots software providers are not betting sites themselves; they are programmers and graphic designers that specialize in creating casino software from scratch. The majority of slot machines on the internet are designed by about 4-5 different software companies.

Each slots software provider has its own style of machines. If you have as much experience with betting websites as we do, you’ll get to the point to where you can tell which provider made which slot machine just by looking at them. This doesn’t mean that all slots out there are identical, but each software provider does have its own signature.

Slots Jackpots

We touched on this a bit earlier in the variations section, but slots games with jackpots deserve their own section. Slots jackpots come in all different shapes and sizes. The largest jackpots at some betting websites can reach as high as a million dollars (and sometimes more). Not too long ago, a slots player from Greece won $8.6 million at an online slot machine.

Of course, progressive jackpots aren’t exactly easy to trigger – but it does happen. Smaller fixed jackpots are won all the time. The size of fixed jackpots online ranges from a few coins worth of winnings to several thousand coins. We’ve seen some very substantial fixed jackpots in our time, so these are not to be discounted. The advantage of fixed jackpots is that they are much easier to win.

Real Money Online Slots

Real money slots games on the internet work in the same way as slots at any live or land based casino. To play real money slots at online casino sites, all you need to do is sign up for an account at a reputable betting website and make a deposit. With a real money account, you can log in and win real money at their online slot machines.

Betting sites also offer free slots, but real money betting is where all the action takes place. With real money slots, you can win real money that you can cash out and spend on whatever you want. The enormous size of some slots jackpots make real money betting one of the most entertaining hobbies on the internet.