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Best 3 Forums for Blackjack Players

The best place to learn anything, hands down, would be in a forum. This is because forums have hundreds, if not thousands of posts with questions and answers or general discussion pertaining to that specific industry or hobby. This gives newbies an opportunity to pick up a ton of information without exposing their newness, while allowing more seasoned enthusiasts the ability to network and/or find solutions to more difficult issues.

And it’s no different for blackjack players. A forum will give blackjack enthusiasts the opportunity to learn and discuss blackjack strategies, what sites to play at and news/gossip.

So with all of that in mind, we’ve listed the best 3 forums for blackjack players and why you should be a member of each one.

Best 3 Blackjack Forums

Blackjack Info: The Blackjack Info forum is only a section of an entire website created by Ken Smith, a blackjack tournament player and author. The forum has over 15k threads that contain information about card counting strategies, blackjack variations and online and brick and mortar casinos.

When I signed up to check out the forum, there were over 100 users currently online — so no issues at all with a lack of traffic. I also found that the information I wanted was easy to find. I’m someone who knows the rules of blackjack, but not how to count cards. I appreciated that information being stickied.

In short, Blackjack Info has the best forum for blackjack players. There is plenty of information to browse through and other players to chat about blackjack with.

Twenty One Forum: The Twenty One forum is a distant second behind Blackjack Info.  This is because they lack here is constant traffic or participants.

However, they have almost 2,000 threads discussing online casinos, strategy and game variations. When I checked them out, they had no active members online, but they did have 10 guests. And there are current posts/replies. So Twenty One is a good forum to keep as a backup.

Beat the Casino: Beat the Casino has a forum worthy of checking out. I listed it as number 3 simply because the focus isn’t on blackjack, but on several forms of gambling including sports betting, poker and horse racing.

The blackjack section hasn’t been neglected though in spite of this. There are over 11 pages of threads covering newbie blackjack stuff, news and strategy. If anything, this forum is good for newbie stuff and a way to network with other enthusiasts that might be able to point you in the direction of a more active forum (in addition to the ones we’ve listed already).

What are Your Favorite Blackjack Forums?

These are the best forums we’ve been able to find for blackjack players. But we’re willing to bet there are more of them that only you know about. So now it’s your turn — use the comments below to tell us about your favorite blackjack forums, and most importantly, why you like them.

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